Multividual is the name a group of talented individuals, who want to take on big projects, and do collaborations with others, but were never able to, or couldn't find the time. By forming Multividual, we tried to create an opportunity for these projects to come through. This way we can output work as a group, and have input from other group members, which increases the overall quality of the work.

The name multividual comes from the latin multuus, individuus; many, indivisible. It is often seen as a multiple individual that embraces many selves and in a technological perspective can posess multiple bodies.

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Robert van den Born
Brian Khouw
Tomas Knipscheer


Cookie includes:
- 2 Alphabet .psd files, layered per letter,
- 6 other Cookie top-down shots,
- 6 other crumble top-down stocks,
- 9 Cookie-themed stock photo's,
- 2 macro shots &
- 1 "thank you" note.

Cookie is for sale, price: €10,-

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Once the payment is received an email with the link to your download will be automatically sent to the email adress linked to your PayPal account. By downloading, you agree with our terms of usage. If in any unforseen circumstance something might go wrong or if you have any questions, you can always contact us at: